Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) is new to me. A few of the What’s for Dinner Technologies team members have long been affiliated with them and introduced me to the idea. So early this spring, I signed up to try it for myself. There are three adults in my household, so I signed up for the “large share,” hoping it will nudge me to regularly eat more fresh produce.

I searched CSAs in my area via and decided to sign up for Jade Family Farms. I like this particular CSA because they give the members a little choice and personalization. Although we’re pretty adventurous eaters, I do like the idea of getting more of what I love – and less of something I may not care for.

Jade Family farm.png


is a certified organic vegetable farm located about an hour from me in central Juniata County, PA, right at the foot of Tuscarora Mountain.

This week, I experienced my first share. My calendar reminded me to go pick up my delivery and I promptly jumped in my car and drove the five minutes to the pickup site, where I found my bag waiting on the front porch, alongside bags designated for other CSA members. My first impression was that it seemed to be a pretty small bag for a large share. This impression turned out to be quite deceiving.

Once I got home, I was pleasantly surprised with just how much was in that bag. It really IS a large share. And it included a few things I’ve never prepared before. There were some nice Asian salad greens that included some interesting spiny skinny leaves, arugula, salad turnips, radishes, scallions, white and orange sweet potatoes, a head of leaf lettuce, rhubarb and . So I need to figure out just how to prepare a few of these things. This is where Culineer and CSAs seem to be a really good, natural fit. The owner of Jade Family Farms has agreed to let me introduce Culineer to the other members as a pilot to see if it brings additional value. I’m excited about that!

“Building communities around food – and can serve as a great way for CSA members to engage with each other and get inspired

Brian, one of our data scientists, came up with this idea. He’s been a loyal member of a CSA in his area and said he’ll often hear other members say things like, “I don’t know what I’m going to do with Kohlrabi”. Culineer is all about building communities around food – and can serve as a great way for CSA members to engage with each other around shared eating preferences. So we’ll gladly set up a cookbook and source some recipes for any CSA who wants to work with us. Who knows, we might even be able to get some local chefs involved to really keep things interesting.