Ever wonder why some marketing campaigns seem to hit a home run while others fall flat? There are many things you can point to – the creative, the message, the placement, timing etc. The one thing that is common among all great campaigns is that they all have a clearly defined target market and understand of what that market needs. They then craft a marketing mix that specifically appeals to that audience.

We sat down with Raechel Lambert, Co-Founder of Olivine a full-service product marketing consultancy that helps their customer drive strategy and execution. Rae lays out some very approachable methods that you can use for your business right away. Please click through and watch this informative and eye-opening session.

Defining your customer may seem like a daunting task and maybe feel like an unnecessary exercise. But we're here to assure you that it's worth it. Once you have clarity on your customer you're likely to find all your other efforts more effective.

There are frameworks to help you through the process. One we love at Culineer is the idea of creating personas. A fictitious representation of your ideal customer. This persona takes on a realistic set of characteristics that allow you to develop a deep understanding and empathy for them. You can then make decisions about your product, service and promotional efforts for this persona, ultimately making your offering aligned with your customers’ needs.  

To get started - really think about your best customer(s). Who are these people? What’s their life like? Why do they seek out your product/service? Map out a story that describes them not as a set of traits and demographic characteristics, but like you’re describing someone you know personally. Give them a name and a face and bring them to life. Initially your persona will be a prototype based on your knowledge of your best customers.  

As you learn more about each of the groups represented by these personas be sure to update your persona so they become more and more like the real people who are or should be your customer. This is what marketers refer to as a validated persona. 

You might have a few groups of customers. So, what do you do then? If they are very different you should create a separate persona or select one on which to focus.  It’s ok to have more than one persona but not more than a handful. In your marketing efforts you'll focus on satisfying overlapping characteristics or needs. But, be careful. if you try to market to too many different types of personas your message will become too generic and you’ll actually be speaking to no one.

Once you’ve defined your ideal customer, you’ll want to gain an understanding of what benefit(s) they are seeking from you. A frame work we like to use for this is Jobs to Be Done (JBTD). In this frame work you identify what your customers are hoping to achieve when they buy from you.

An example to put this in perspective is a customer buying a drill. When I want to buy a drill I’m not looking for a tool, I’m looking for a way to make a hole. The process of choosing the right drill for me will be related to my specific needs. What kind of hole do I need, type of material, how many different kinds of holes I’ll need to make and how frequently I’ll be making them.

Your customers have options. So, ask yourself, or better off ask them, what are they "hiring" you or your products to do? Gaining insight to the outcomes they are seeking and the reason they choose to buy from you versus another option. Clarity on the JBTD will help you promote your offering to others like them who have similar needs and desires.

Culineer is a community based, customer relationship management tool that you can use to engage and retain your customers. Our chat channels provide you an opportunity to get feed back that's difficult to obtain through email, social media or standing at market. You'll be able to communicate with them more directly and build a more personal relationship. For more information visit the Culineer website https://Culineerapp.com or click the button to schedule a demo.

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