Culineer has always been about bringing people together around food. Thousands of homecooks joined our ranks in the last several months to share new recipe ideas. They inspire each other, and us, on the regular. But none of that would happen without the raw materials it takes to actually make those delicious meals. We’re talking about sustainably-produced ingredients from local farmers.

With Culineer 2.0, we want to not only bring households together around cooking and eating, but gather them around the folks producing those raw ingredients. In our vision, every local farm has the potential to become a hub for one or many goods. All it takes is a little creativity and connectivity. 

The latest version of our app will enable farmers to build stronger, longer-lasting relationships with customers using better communication. Culineer will make it easier and more affordable than ever to market your farm and keep a dialogue going with consumers. 

So, what is Culineer 2.0? It’s a community platform that brings farmers and their customers together. Farmers can keep customers engaged with original recipe ideas every harvest. Meanwhile, customers within those farm communities can share recipes and other helpful info with each other. It takes much of the burden off farmers’ shoulders to guide every customer through the year.

Why Farmers Should Pay Attention

Good communication is essential to the life of your farm. A Penn State University study showed that, on average, 50% of farm customers leave a year after jumping on board. They’re not used to the abundance of local, in-season harvests, and they often don’t know what to do with many of the ingredients. 

We have several case studies to show how homecooks benefit from learning what to do with new ingredients. Our most recent was Jennifer Bennett, a CSA subscriber who didn’t like fennel until she found out all the different ways it could be used. 

With Culineer 2.0, it’s easier and more affordable to let these customers know how to use their ingredients. You can generate an entire community around your farm with a single platform. And the relationships you nurture here could pay dividends for decades. 

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Local, sustainably produced food is something nearly everyone wants, even if they don’t know it. A solid communication channel can make them aware. When farm customers use the whole crop or animal, they do a service to the environment and themselves.

Best of all, households can focus their consumption on local farms for healthier, happier communities.

What Local Farmers Get with a Culineer 2.0 Pro-Account

Announcements, Chat, Events

It takes more than recipes, and with Culineer you can manage all your farm communications in one place. Are you having a sale on a crop? Are supplies low? Are you throwing an open house? You no longer have to answer the same question a thousand times.

Of course, there will always be some need for one-on-one with customers. And Culineer lets you chat with individual customers when that need arises. 

Hands-On Assistance Setting Up Your Culineer Community

You’ve got plenty more to worry about than setting up a new software platform. That’s why we want to make sure set-up is virtually painless. We’ll guide you through starting your community on Culineer, and we’re here to answer any questions you have along the way. 

Once you’re set up, communicating with your buyers should be almost effortless. 

Marketing Material to Promote and Onboard Your Customers

We provide all the tools to help get the community excited about joining you on Culineer.  your subscription includes email  templates, fliers, signs. QR codes and more for a true plug and play experience. And, you have the chance to become an exclusive partner with us, which lands you some valuable PR and marketing opportunities.

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