Major brands have figured out something about marketing that you can apply to your farm business to increase your customers’ satisfaction and success. Online communities organized around a cause or brand are booming. Companies like Mattel, Bacardi, Harley Davidson, Apple, and Lego have all built strong engaged communities for their brands. And in doing so have made incredible improvements in their businesses. With a little effort and very little cost, you can do the same for your farm.

How to Get Started:

  1. Set your objective for the community (for most of you it will be to educate customers about what you're raising or growing)
  2. Choose a platform that works for you
  3. Put some one incharge of managing the communtiy
  4. Establish some rules and guidelines for the community
  5. Develop a content plan to keep your community engaged
  6. Invite your customers to join and help the discover the value of community interactions

Why Build Community?

No matter how you define success for your farm, there’s plenty of reasons to transition from simply delivering a product to building a community.

  • Business Growth: For farmers who want to grow their business, enthusiastic members help acquire new members, resulting in lower customer acquisition costs.
  • Customer Retention: Members of a community are less likely to abandon the community, resulting in increased retention which will impact your bottom line. It cost 5x more to get a new customer than to keep an existing one.
  • Customer Support: Members support one another, resulting in a lower cost and time needed to provide support and service.

Farms are perfect for builiding engaged communities!

There are several characteristics of a farms customer base that make it perfect for a community to flourish. Taking time to start and nurture one for you farm business will pay off. 


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